September Update: Container and Summer Interns

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September Update: Container and Summer Interns

Locked and Loaded; Container ready to go!

20140819_121807 20140819_122613

Dovene and Sara have been blessed to have many help to prepare a 40 foot shipping container to leave for Togo.  They recently loaded the container with many school and clinic donations along with a vehicle, tractor, and several pieces of farm equipment (a plow, bush hog, etc.) for the future pineapple farm. It has been amazing to see God working through so many individuals and churches to provide these much needed materials and equipment to support and strengthen the ministry in Togo. We are overwhelmed by all of our partners’ generosity.

Thank you to Earl De Hoog, Gary Respess, and Bill and John Van Staalduinen for helping to load the container. We have also been blessed by a partnership with Master Provisions, a Christ-centered organization that helps to ship goods to countries all over the world in order to help others create small businesses and provide humanitarian goods. They are handling the paperwork and logistics to send the container to Togo. Guy Domec, their warehouse manager came all the way from Kentucky to North Carolina to help us with the specifics of how to load and secure everything.

We have also been blessed by local businesses. Shavender Trucking donated the shipping container, and are helping us to transport it from port and back!  The North Carolina Cotton Gin has allowed the use of their loading dock, forklifts, pallets, and warehouse space throughout this process.  God has worked through so many, and we are so thankful!  Please pray with us as we are in the last stages of documentation for this container to go out.  It will be in transit for approximately a month, and then we will be working on getting it out of the port in Lome (the capital of Togo).

Hearts and Hands to Serve – Summer Interns

IMG_2895 IMG_2769

We were so blessed to have two interns working with us this summer at Togo Christian Mission. Marrissa Williams and Avery Powell are both very devoted to serving the Lord and were willing to take extra time during their trip to teach English to the staff of the mission. They helped us in visiting churches, teaching the children, and giving encouragement to orphans, widows, and HIV victims. Marrissa worked in our Christian school volunteering to teach English, and Avery helped in our medical outreach.

During their stay Hammer, Dela, Avery, and Marrissa took a trip to visit the Battoe Church.  It took three and a half hours to travel by car (70 km). Hammer preached to encourage the church, while Dela, Avery, and Marrissa shared testimonies. God is doing wonderful things among the Watchi tribe, and we were so glad to have Marrissa and Avery to encourage them.

Not only were these ladies a great encouragment to the local churches, but to our family as well. Marrissa was brave enough to try some local delicacies, including goat head. Avery would run with us early in the mornings, beating Hammer as they ran laps. They, also, participated and helped lead our family devotions.  We were blessed to have them as part of our family and ministry for the summer.  A special thanks to CCF (Campus Christian Fellowship) at East Carolina University for connecting us with Marrissa, and to Warrenton Church of Christ in Virginia for sending us Avery as well!

Prayer Points:

-Thanksgiving for all those who contributed towards Hammer’s father’s surgery, especially the matching grant from IDES that made it possible. Continued prayers for his recovery. Praise God that he is now back at Hammer and Dela’s house and is walking.

-Dovene, Sara, and Nathan: Returning to Togo on September 17th. Prayers for safe travels, good transition, and for God’s provision as they share about the work in Togo during their last days in the US.

-Prayers for our neighboring countries in West Africa who are suffering in the Ebola Outbreak. Please pray that more help would be sent to them and for healing.

-Prayers for the upcoming school year.  Pray the registration process goes well and for God’s provision to be able to expand to 6th grade this upcoming year, so that those who were in 5th grade last year can finish out their elementary education with us.  We are in need of $4000 to complete the construction of our 6th grade classroom.

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