March Newsletter: Farm Training and Financial Freedom!

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March Newsletter: Farm Training and Financial Freedom!


(pictured above: one of the workers at Late’s farm prepping the soil, covering with plastic and planting pineapples)


Praise God He is leading us strategically step by step towards growth in Togo Christian Mission.  We are so blessed to see that Dovene has started the Pineapple farm training with Late.  Late is one of our brother in Christ who started this business 8 years ago.  Once Dovene completes his training we are praying to be able to start our own farm that will help the ministry move towards self-sustainability.

We are currently in the raining season in Togo.  This is a busy season for farmers and they work hard on their farms.  It is also a busy season for Dovene working with Late and his group preparing the soil, and lining up the rows, and planting pineapples. Our goal at Late’s farm is to plant 1,000 pineapple plants every month Lord-willing. It is a great learning process for Dovene to learn the whole process including the preparation, planting, production, and everything in between in order to help this business to continue to be successful.

The farm where Dovene has been training at is approximately an hour and a half to two hours from Vogan where we live.  To save funds on gas and to protect our vehicle from wear and tear (as the road conditions are very rough) Dovene has been driving there on the motorcycle.  Last week Thursday Dovene had a little accident with the motorcycle but praise God he was not hurt and the motorcycle did not get any major damage.  Please pray for safe travels for him as he is going back and forth during his training.

Please also pray as Dovene will be working with Late for 6-8 months to gain experiences in order to begin our pineapple farm in 2016 Lord-willing.


(pictured above: a poisonous snake killed at the farm.  One of the workers prepared it for a stew the next day!)




(pictured above: Individuals sharing testimonies and praising God in Song for how the Lord has blessed them through participating in the savings groups.)

We were blessed to be able to hold a reception for all of our Savings Groups participants this past month.  We were also honored with a visit from Greg Burgess and Micheal Briggs of Chalmer’s Center, the organization that we are partnering with to start these gospel-centered savings groups.  They offered words of encouragement but also honored the group by coming to listen and hear how God is moving through this program.  Pastor Ayivi and his wife also came from Lome.  He has been responsible for the training of our leaders and he and his wife have been a huge help and encouragement during this process.


We had individuals from all of our savings groups in the surrounding villages come for mutual encouragement and a time of sharing.  In all we have 28 savings groups facilitators (the group leaders) who came from our various church plants.  The focus is to teach them Biblical principles of money management while they save their funds and thus improve their family’s situation.  We were so encouraged, as were our visitors from the US, about all the testimonies we were hearing about how so many were impacted physically, materially, and spiritually through finding financial freedom through these Biblical principles.


We are excited to see where God will continue to lead this in the future and how God will move to change lives in our communities.


(pictured below:  Our guests Gregg Burgess and Michael Briggs listen as Pastor Ayivi welcomes all the savings groups facilitators)  



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