June Newsletter: Totchoani Update and New Teammate and Intern

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June Newsletter: Totchoani Update and New Teammate and Intern


(Dovene starting with the storying via the simple Church Method in Totchoani)

Totchoani Update

I (Dovene) have been really encouraged in the process of discipling two guys who are always on the ball to learn more in the word.   Their names are George and Eric. They are serious about making disciples and we are meeting for training on Saturday and Sunday evenings.  There are two other young men named Koffi and Allain who have come to some of the meetings as well but have not been consistent.  They are not yet Christians so we are hoping to encourage them by sharing more about the gospel to them.


Things are going well in the house we have been going to in Totchoani.  Grutzki has been opening his house for us and he is now calling his brother to join us in the house Church.  This past week was the second week for Grutzki’s brother to be with us and participated in the storying, where we share the Bible message in a narrative form.  We shared the story about Noah and the Flood.  We went through the questions and they said the way they will obey the story is by being obedient to God and follow Him as Noah did.  When we asked who they would share it with they mentioned some friends and family members to whom they will share the story to this week.  We were really encouraged about how the Holy Spirit is working on Grutzki and his brother’s life.  I pray this work will continue until he and his household give their lives to Christ and we can have a new Church there.  Please be praying for Grutzki’s wife.  Even though her husband is welcoming us she is still scared to join us in the house Church.  She has been dedicated to an idol in their community as well.  Please pray for her heart to be moved to join us and hear the gospel that is being preached in her own house.


When we came into Grutzki’s house this past week we saw 4 new benches in his house and he told us that he made them so that when more people are coming we can have benches for them to sit on.  It is really encouraging that he is taking initiatives like making benches for more people to sit on.  There are two other young men from another village called Akodessewame close to Grutzki’s village.  These young men are telling us that they are getting tired of their idols and they want us to come and share the gospel to them too.  In the midst of challenges God is revealing open doors to us even in villages that are surrounding Vogan.  Praise God for how He is moving!



(group photo of those attending the simple Church in Totchoani minus our photographer, George)


New Teammate and New Intern!



(Brittany taking a blood pressure as she helps in our outreach to Totchoani)


We are so excited to have Brittany Creasy arrive this past month.  Brittany has been such a blessing to the ministry already.  She has jumped into the medical work at the clinic and the villages already.  She and Sara (and currently Kimberly too!) have started up Ewe lessons together as well, so please pray for wisdom and understanding for them to progress so that they can be even more effective workers here.



(Kimberly interacting with the kids in the village with a mirror game in Totchoani.  She was a huge help and her love for the kids is so evident!)


We also are excited to say that Kimberly Strunk, our summer intern is here as well!  Kimberly has come to us to help with teaching English in our Christian School and to jump in our general ministry outreaches to learn more about life on the field here.  She has such a heart to serve and has jumped right into interacting with the Togolese.  Please be praying for her for the next couple of months as she will be stretched and grow as she serves here.  Pray that she will be able to get a great picture of what life is like serving overseas as she uses her talents to expand God’s kingdom here.




  • For those meeting in the Simple Church in Totchoani, how receptive they have been to hearing the gospel message and sharing with others
  • For our new teammate Brittany and intern Kimberly.  Praise God for how He is bringing more workers here to bring in the harvest!
  • For the start of rainy season here with some cooler temperatures and rains finally coming to help our farms.



  • Sara as she approaches her due date.  We (Dovene, Sara, and Nathan) are currently staying by some friends who live in the capitol city Lome for the last few weeks of  her pregnancy as the roads are very rough and long if we were to travel from Vogan to the hospital at the time of her labor.  Please continue to pray for a healthy mom and baby.
  • That Kimberly’s internship would be fruitful and help her to grow in her walk as she serves alongside the Togolese
  • For those who we are discipling to share what they are learning and that we all will be obedient disciples who create more disciples for Christ
  • For the Christian School as they will be wrapping up their school year at the end of June to beginning of July.  Pray for all the children taking the government exams that they will do well and pass so we can give more praise to God.


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