Good News, Students Excelling, Medical Work Reaching Many

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Good News, Students Excelling, Medical Work Reaching Many


It is our great joy to greet you in the name of our blessed Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

We continually express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for each of you, and for your financial provision for the work here in Togo.  Your support helps us to reach more souls in our country for the kingdom of God.

It is our prayer that God would bless you abundantly for your faithful prayers and support of Togo Christian Mission.


1- Hammer and Dela’s Trip to the US – Fall 2019

We would like to share with you our plans to come visit the US this coming fall.  We are excited to share our testimonies with you, so that you may personally hear the great things the Lord is doing Togo.

It has been seven years since we last came to US, and we are excited to reconnect with many of you.

We hope to be in touch with you regarding times where we could come share with you, whether that may be at your Church, or personally.


2- Good News!

It is a great joy that the Church in Togo is witnessing great growth.

In October, there were two baptisms at the Vogan Church.  Again in December, five people gave their lives to Christ at our New Year’s celebration at the Church.

In April, we hosted an Easter Convention here in Vogan.  All our local Churches gathered with us to study the word and praise God.  We are excited to share that 19 people were baptized!  Praise God!

The Koutime church is also growing, and it is exciting.  This is a fairly new Church. It is being overseen by Dossou Anani, one of the six trained leaders who are sent weekly to visit and encourage Church plants in the surrounding villages.


 On the last Sunday of every month, three village Churches (that are closer to each other) gather together for a joint service.  The join forces to evangelize their communities and build each other up.  It is so great to see brothers and sisters working together in the Lord.


3- Family of Christ School Updates:


 The 2019-2020 academic year brought 97 new students to study with us. 65 new students came into middle school and 32 new students came into the primary school.  This brought us to a total of 275 new students from 1st to 10th grade.

In our 2018-2019 examinations, our students were recognized as excelling in all subjects compared to other schools in our community.  This year the students have been working hard again.  The teachers are organizing extra classes for them to help them study hard to excel in their exams.  We are so thankful for our staff and students.


 Parents in the community have seen the need to enroll their children in our school, due to its great performance.

School in-take is growing, and there is a need for us to make room for more students this coming academic year.


We were thankful to have funds to start on construction of stairs leading up to top of our middle school building.




Construction of the staircase to access the level above the middle school (picture above) and progress (left).








The completion of the upper level of the middle school building (to be used for High School classrooms) is our prayer.  It would be four additional classrooms that would be constructed on top of our existing middle school structure.  Total cost is $23,000 for construction, electrical work, and finishing work (painting, doors, windows).

We cannot express our gratitude enough for your support that has allowed for the growth of the school in this way.


4- Medical Evangelism: Clinic Work

The mission clinic serves many communities nearby, and provides care that is otherwise not available locally.  We care for the needs of patients, both physically and spiritually.

Our goal is to save people from their physical afflictions and spiritual weaknesses. We have trained staff who serve at the clinic, seeing to the needs of every patient.  Patients hear the good news of salvation preached.  They are prayed over each clinic day before receiving their treatment.


(Hammer helping out on a clinic day cleaning wounds)


The Clinic is of great value to the local community for the services being rendered to patients.  The regular Bible devotions are building faith in Christ.  We have patients who travel from other cities (and even other countries!) to receive care here.  Praise God for using the work of our hands and the words of our mouth for His glory!


(Some of our clinic staff after assisting a patient)

 Recently, we received a patient who was turned away from the local hospital.  This is a common occurrence, unfortunately.  Her would was severely infected, and she was unable to walk when she first came.  Our staff have faithfully attended her and prayed over her.  We are glad to report she is showing signs of healing and is now overjoyed to be able to walk again!  Pray for her to be made complete in Christ as well!

May God bless each of you who support this work financially.  You are keeping the clinic running and saving lives.


5- Children’s Ministry

Togo Christian Mission has partnered with Compassion International to reach out to the children of the village Vo-Asso.  The main goals of this outreach are:

a- Spiritual development

b- Environmental development

c- Emotional development

d- Educational development


 We were thankful to become partners with Compassion.  In order to be considered for partnership, we were required to provide 9 classrooms, bathrooms, an office, and a kitchen at the existing Church plant site.  God provided the needed funds through your generosity, and we are thankful to say that this outreach is growing and impacting these children greatly.


 In this ministry, the children are poured into spiritually, mentally, and physically.  This is so important, as many children in this village suffer due to poverty and the influences of a community heavily embedded in idol worship.  Praise God that we can help these children become a light in their own village.




  • Growth in Village Churches
  • Many coming to know Christ
  • Provision for Clinic, School, and Church Planting work
  • God’s faithfulness in every season of life



  • Hammer and Dela’s trip to America (Provision, Visas, Planning)
  • Peace for Togo and the Gospel to reach every community
  • Provision of funds for the construction of High School Classrooms
  • Children’s parents to give their lives to Jesus Christ
  • New churches to be established
  • Continued support for the Christian School and Clinic
  • Prayer for God’s protection for Hammer and Dela and all our local staff


To Support Togo Christian Mission:

Please send checks written out to “Outreach International” with “TCM” written in the memo line.  If you have a specific project you would like to donate towards please be sure to include that in the memo line as well.  (Example: If you would like to give towards the High School Construction Project please write “TCM-School Construction” in the memo line of your check)

Checks may be mailed to:

Outreach International

PO Box 272

Shelbyville, MO 63469

OR Donate On-line HERE.

(For on-line giving please designate in the notes box if it is to go towards any specific project and also please note that Pay Pal will deduct a fee of 3% from your total donation amount as a service fee.)

If you would like to sign up to receive our monthly updates with prayer points you may do so HERE.

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