February Newsletter

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February Newsletter



(pictured above: one of our local workers helping make cement bricks for the middle school building)


We have a big praise and answered prayer we would like to share with you all.  As many of you know our Christian School continues to expand.  It has been our prayer that the children we started with originally as fifth graders (now in 6th grade) could continue receiving Christian education at Christ’s Family School.  We really want to continue to invest in these children’s lives (along with others too) so that they can be the light to change Togo.  For this reason we have been praying for financial provision through student sponsors for new students to come into the school at younger ages as well as for physical provision of classrooms.  We have shared prayer requests over the past few months about a need for a classroom.  We are so excited to say that God is more than answering that request!


We currently have a foundation for a middle school that was begun through a generous donation a few years back from Park Avenue Church of Christ in Dennison, Texas.    Since then the work has had a standstill as we prayed and waited for the Lord’s provision.  We are so thankful for how the Lord has provided though many of you individuals, as well as Church families.  Through a one time project donation from Lake Christian Church of Palmyra, VA as well as many generous individuals work is actually underway for expanding 4 more classrooms!  We are working on raising up the walls currently.  The building is being constructed in a way that we will be able to build a second story eventually, if the Lord provides for us to continue on to having a high school as well in future years.  For now we are working on the construction of the walls.  Please pray for the Lord’s continued provision for the remainder of $3000 to finish the roofing as well.  This will give us four basic rooms with walls and a roof.  We hope some time later to actually finish off the insides as well as pour the cement flooring.

(pictured above: the school foundation)



(pictured above: Brittany spending some time with her new friends in Togo during one of her previous trips)

We are excited to introduce Brittany Creasy.  Brittany has been connected to our ministry since her first short term trip in 2009 when she came to serve in our medical ministry.  Since then she has visited two more times, once staying for a two month period of serving in Medical Missions.  She is a registered nurse from North Carolina.


Brittany is coming to work with us full time this coming April.  We are so excited to have her and are praying for every provision for her stay here.  She will be coming to work with us full time in the Medical Ministry.  Please be praying for her in this time of preparation and transition.  She has a kingdom heart and is always ready to serve and we are excited to have her serving alongside us!   



  • We have been able to start working in a new village with a local Church whose leader had passed away… thanks for God opening the door to be able to fellowship with them and help them grow spiritually.
  • Thanksgiving for Provision for our school construction project
  • Our gospel driven savings are off to a great start in our local Church!  Pray for God’s continued guidance as the participants grow in knowledge spiritually and mentally.


  • For Dovene who will be starting his farm training with our local friend here this month.  Pray for his travels and that God would bless him to increase in knowledge in preparation for starting the ministry farm.
  • That the Lord would move through the “storying” of the Bible in Vogan and the villages so that many would come to hear the truth of Christ.  Pray for boldness of all those involved to share with all those in darkness.
  • Continued provision for the school building project and for God’s leading in all of it.
  • For Brittany Creasy’s continued preparations and God’s provision in coming to work full time in April.
  • Pray for Kimberly Strunk who will be coming to intern with us next summer in our Christian School as an ESL teacher.  Pray for the Lord’s guidance, provision, and direction for all her preparations as well.


To financially support Togo Christian Mission please click here.  Thank you for your partnership!

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