Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Hammer and Dela Afakule: Founders of TCM, working in the field for over 20 years.  Hammer studied at Ghana Christian College in Accra Ghana then shortly after graduating returned to Togo to serve with his wife Dela.  Dela helps with Christian education and Women’s Ministry.  Hammer and Dela have two daughters: Nancy and Joyce Afakule, and their son Dovene who is mentioned below.  Their home is always open to children with different needs staying with them.



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Dovene and Sara Afakule: Dovene is Hammer and Dela’s oldest son who married Sara after she had been working with the medical ministry in Togo for over 2 years. Dovene and Sara have two Children:  Hannah and Nathan.  Dovene graduated from Johnson University with a major in Nonprofit Management. Dovene is a Regenerative Agriculturalist and a Social Entrepreneur.  Sara is a registered nurse.  They are currently serving  in Togo full time.







We are excited to be training local leaders to demonstrate Christ’s love through Medical Ministry!  Their hands touch lives every day with Christ’s Compassion.